by Andrew Kovaleski



these are songs that I wrote in the period after I was diagnosed with cancer until 2017


released January 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Kovaleski Columbus, Ohio

bedroom pop music about lizards and girls and some other stuff

Contemporary saxophone and clarinet

Employee -
Otterbein University
Dept. of Music

Member of Shirt and the Bananaman

Banana-themed superhero
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Track Name: irony
Why not try to empathize
or just to live a day of life?

There are only so many ways
that I can masturbate
in a single day
I've got twelve hours of anime
is it okay to waste
New Year's Day?
Should I be composing?
Improving? Exposing?
or generally avoiding wasting away
before I'm thirty six
without romance or tricks to make
me feel sane?

I would die for one goodbye
which made me feel less dignified,
for you to see my choice in life,
to have the chance to just drop by

The thing about irony
is that it makes you
believe you're fine
To watch and critique
while the people get chic
for their pop culture shrines
But what they don't tell you
when you're seventeen
and your friends say "Hey, no, fuck the man! They're so weak!"
is that life is too short to be
trying to sneak in your
interests - go love what you love, be a geek!
Or try to be cool in the
crowd of your friends -
approval's not everything but boy it helps
When you're sitting alone
on your couch on your phone
checking twitter to see if your friends think you're funny
and you send out a cry for
help through a tweet,
a haiku about something that you think is neat
which is veiled in your loneliness -
am I the only?ness,
should I be sitting at home on the phone?liness,
only to see that your
effort has gained you
one single like
from a friend who can see when you're
down off your feet and says
it'll be fine

Why not try to empathize,
or just to live a day of life
without trying to analyze
why you're not feeling satisfied?
Track Name: gabriella
Fire up the elevator, come with me
Do the mashed potato, that's the way to be inside
Feelin' kinda lonely so I take a peek
Fuzzy striped pajama pants on my feet, untied

Hey, Gabriella, whatcha doin' tonight
I'm a hot dog with a 3 AM flight
Grab a Pepsi-Cola, won't you take a bite for me

Sliding to the right until the sun comes up
Melt me down some chocolate, won't you fill my cup with love
Maybe she's a no-show but my ego's fine
Stroke it up and down 'cause it's the number nine above

Hey, Gabriella, will you feed my fire?
Make yourself the ashtray of my burning desire?
Do the hokey pokey and the stakes get higher to beat

Hey, Gabriella, whatcha doin' tonight
I'm a hot dog with a 3 AM flight
Grab a Pepsi-Cola, won't you take a bite for me
released November 28, 2016
Track Name: Holy Chicken
There's an animal we love to eat
that clucks and bucks and has two feet;
it has two wings and doesn't even fly.
It found its way into our hearts
by being friendly with tasty parts.
We're talking 'bout the holy chicken.

The holy chicken
The holy chicken
The chicken is a friend to us that's also finger lickin'
The holy chicken
The holy chicken
We're talkin' 'bout the holy chicken.
Track Name: say goodbye to you
Yeah I wanna say goodbye to you
because you treat me like a piece of poo

And if you knew how I felt, maybe it'd be different
and if you knew how I felt, maybe then you'd see
and if you knew how I felt, maybe then we'd understand each other,
but we don't, so leave