Freedom MAn

by Andrew Kovaleski



this is a track which exxplores FREEDOM
one man sitting on a hill
walks into the diner across the street and hes says
"hi, I'd like one tall glass of water"
the bartender says,
sorry, we only serve FREEDOM".

the man sees a same gender person later down the bar,
says "i can't believe I have to eat this tall glass of FREEDOM
in my own neighborhood's bar!" to the other man.
the other man says, "i was just looking for some good BEEF JERKY
to get the taste of the beer out of my teeth"

they walk of into the
streets and have a generally enjoyable night exploring the town

they come back and have a transformative experience together
when they discover that they both ennjoy slimmin' their jims
so they spend the night doing some slim jimmin'

when they realize that the glass of FREEDOM that they had att the bar
was the only help they needed to have a GROOVY night.


released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Kovaleski Columbus, Ohio

bedroom pop music about lizards and girls and some other stuff

Contemporary saxophone and clarinet

Employee -
Otterbein University
Dept. of Music

Member of Shirt and the Bananaman

Banana-themed superhero
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