il faut que la jeunesse se passe

from by Andrew Kovaleski



il faut que la jeunesse se passe
youth must have its fling

I know that you are happy, and well,
I'm not unhappy
I see shows, I tune pianos,
and I've kept from smoking dope

I know we can't try again
what we had back then
i just think we'd both be better now
than when we tried the first time

when I saw you in the lobby,
I was glad, so glad to see you
doing well with all your friends
in the life you made without me

it's just back when I was nineteen
I had felt so damn sedated
so I gave my life a push
just to see where I would take it

so I left in the night
I hit the bar, stayed with a friend,
lived with my mom and I learned how to drink
and how to almost die

and how to be so happy
to be feeling so blue
how to make my life exciting
without needing you

and now I see you in Ohio
and you look so happy
with your friends by your side
they're the people who replaced me in your life

and that's fine
I'm just thankful you've forgiven me
for hurting you so much
and that we can still have conversations

I never finished reading "The Death of Ivan Ilyich"
but I liked the part where Tolstoy said,

"Il faut que la jeunesse se passe:
youth must have its fling"


from (mostly) songs about girls, released June 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Kovaleski Columbus, Ohio

bedroom pop music about lizards and girls and some other stuff

Contemporary saxophone and clarinet

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Otterbein University
Dept. of Music

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