let's just read little
stories about the start of
your new design job

we visit speedway
to get a slush. we're past the
part where I'm nervous

so I hold your hand -
your pulse used to increase when
our fingers would touch

your pulse relaxes
now to weave our fingers on
the side of the road

when we get our drink,
you urge me not to drink too
quickly, but too late

you always were more
careful about brainfreezes -
but you understand

that trick to put your
tongue on the roof of your mouth
is fun with your help

so we sip the drink
and walk home in the darkness
from the gas station

by the time we get
home, the drink has melted and
your laugh is crystal

it is clear and it
is piercing - straight through my mind
i have no think time

emotions rush - I
can't help but to pull you close
the bus stop man looks

but I look straight at
him while we kiss in the moon
a great wheel of cheese

you break off a chunk
with your butter knife hand - it
is offered to the mouse

I scrape off a bit
with my grater cheeks - to dust
on his pasta hat

he never saw it
coming, and neither did we.
starting a cheese fight

but he didn't know
that we both love gouda, so
his attacks were moot

we just ate the cheese
and laughed all the way home, past
the asian market

and when I get back,
you return to memory.
it's too bad I left.

your imagined heat
is a constant reminder
that life is worth it

tweeted during #haikupowerhour on 1/20/17


from (mostly) songs about girls, released June 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Kovaleski Columbus, Ohio

bedroom pop music about lizards and girls and some other stuff

Contemporary saxophone and clarinet

Employee -
Otterbein University
Dept. of Music

Member of Shirt and the Bananaman

Banana-themed superhero
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