bright and imperfect
inside my brown spring coat

eyes like a statue
while mine still try showing some light

when I look into your eyes of stone they look right through
I just want to tell a joke and hear the marble crack
right through your pupils

why don't I love you?
why can't I seem to find a part of me that cares?

you think it's special
you won't know where to go when we fall through

I call out, "hey, follow me" and run across the hill
bounding up the incline, you refuse to feel the chill
I should just listen

but when you approach me, you say, "hey, here's the thing
you know that I love you but my heart needs to sing
I sure wish you well, but my sould needs me to move right on
before we are both creatures of stone."

when you walk away, I see your heart begin to melt
I call out, "hey thank you" and I feel mine crack in two
as I wave goodbye to you
as I sit and fall right through
as I sit in silence anew


from (mostly) songs about girls, released June 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrew Kovaleski Columbus, Ohio

bedroom pop music about lizards and girls and some other stuff

Contemporary saxophone and clarinet

Employee -
Otterbein University
Dept. of Music

Member of Shirt and the Bananaman

Banana-themed superhero
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